Tissue Cleanse

Purpose of the Cleanse

1. Cleanses your body’s tissues, thereby affecting your cells and organs

2. Decreases toxicity:

removes excess waste and gas out of the colon

softens old dehydrated toxic mucous waste which may be stuck to the walls of the colon

stimulates the liver to release bile which is one of the major routes of detoxification

3. Re-educates the large intestine by re-establishing more normal shape

4. Removes intestinal parasites by flushing them out

5. Increases energy by offering after care advice on lifestyle and diet

6. Better absorption of vitamins and minerals, since mucus is removed from the small and large intestine

7. Heavy metals are removed by bentonite clay which absorbs up to forty times its own weight in toxic substances

8. Accelerates body to return to optimum health over a short period time. After care nutrition and exercise ensure maintained success