The Colon

Is part of the alimentary tract extending from the ileocaecal valve to the anus. The colon is five feet long (1.5meters). Up to 25lbs (11kg) can be lodged in the colon (this does not include the ‘transient’ matter present at any time)

Excluding skin cancers, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. The American Cancer Society's most recent estimates for the number of colorectal cancer cases in the United States are for 2011:

101,700 new cases of colon cancer

39,510 new cases of rectal cancer

Colon is ‘king’ of the big five elimination organs. Yet the colon has become the ‘forgotten one’ by not being spoken about, by not getting the attention the bowel needs, by being at the end of the alimentary canal.

We can become so consumed by what we eat. That’s great! BUT ever thought though, you could be eating right, but not digesting, absorbing or eliminating well.

Referred pain is pain or symptoms experienced in one part of the body but stems from a condition in a different part of the body e.g pain in the right shoulder stemming from a gallbladder attack, pain in the left arm stemming from heart condition.

Same thing with the colon, if waste sits longer than it should, nerve impulses sent to the spine then to the particular organ. For example, if waste sits in the caecum, the liver can become inflamed.

The colon is a single entity, the colon is part of the whole body through the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems, from the controlling centres of the autonomic nervous system in the brain, which influence and co-ordinate events in the whole tract..


The Big Five



Derived from

A Life Solution

  1. Skin

Water and salt

Food through the pores via sweat glands

Skin brush, sauna

  1. Lungs

Carbon dioxide

Burning of glucose as fuel, and some water

Natural Herbal Solutions

  1. Liver and gall bladder


Breakdown of haemoglobin from red blood cells in the liver, via bile passed out with faeces

The Liver Cleanse, Coffee Colonic, Tissue Cleanse, Natural Herbal Solutions

  1. Kidneys


Use of proteins by cells- water and mineral salts via the bladder and urethra

The Kidney Cleanse, Natural Herbal Solutions

  1. Bowel


Remains of food after nutrients have been removed via the anus

Colonic irrigation, Natural Herbal Solutions


Often when the bowel is not eliminating as it should (i.e. 3 times a day is medically considered regular) puts a strain on the other elimination organs. If a patient comes to me with acne, this is often a clue of digestive tract disorder