Colonic Hydrotherapy

imagesA gentle internal bath that deeply cleanses the colon that can improve health and well being of people suffering from a number of debilitating conditions such as eczema, migraines, constipation and detox.

Coffee Colonic

Coffee ImplantsAccording to Dr. Edgar Cayce coffee helps to detoxify the liver and helps stimulate more toxin release due to the coffee’s natural enymes called palmitates.


BZIs a humour-pathology method based empirical knowledge. Cupping produces a peripheral stimulation of the reflex zones of the organ, Great for tension and stress relief

Detox Programme/ Tissue Cleanse

detox The body’s tissues are cleansed thereby affecting cellular and organ vitality, Useful for breaking habits, increased energy, bile release, waste and gas removal from the colon, improves absorption and elimination, intestinal parasites and heavy metal removal. We offer colonics over 4 or 7 days including supplements and nutritional advise.

Natural Cleanses

The-Best-Natural-Cleanses-For-The-BodyHerbal high quality and reasonable natural products based on Dr. Hulda Clarke’s programme that gets rid of kidney stones, gallstones and parasites, Plus up to 100 different herbal supplements from alfa alfa to Zinc Oxide.

Ozone Therapy

ozoneDestroys viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites by increasing oxygen to all tissues thereby improving immune function, Useful for for colon issues, detoxification of the liver and bladder infections, cysts or polyps

Weight loss

weight lossWe provide natural slimming products and nutritional advise based on life-style versus diet-style approach based on Peter J. D’Adamo blood group and Dr. Bernard Jensen’s balanced eating plan

Quantum Resonance Analyser Test

qrt Accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method, to test which organs are struggling in the body.