Is it possible to add herbs, etc. to the colonic water?

Yes, as well as many other substances depending on the need of the patient. However, for a first time colonic, purified water is usually used.

Are enemas as effective as colonic irrigation?

No, but they can be done at home and help relieve constipation and toxic symptoms.


Are there any circumstances in which colonic irrigation is not recommended?

Yes. If the patient has severe cardiac disease, high blood pressure, aneurysm, severe anaemia, gastrointestinal perforation or haemorrage, sever haemorrhoids, cirrhosis, carcinoma of the colon or rectum, advanced pregnancy, abdominal hernia, recent colon or rectal surgery, renal insufficiency or a severe prostate condition, colonic irrigation is not recommended. A qualified colon therapist should take a detailed history and be made aware of any conditions for which colonic irrigation is not advised.


Can some people have rubbish stuck in the colon and not be ill?

Yes, although often people will display symptoms of a toxic condition before it turns into an identifiable or serious illness- for example fatigue and tiredness, skin problems, bad breath and joint pain.


Do colonics help with diarrhea?

Diarrhea is often caused by pathogenic organisms or an irritant. Colonics are often very helpful in flushing them out. Diarrhea can also be another form of constipation how?.


Does colonic irrigation wash out all the good bacteria in the bowel?

Most of the loose bacteria living in the colon will be expelled (including putrefactive bacteria and parasites). With the removal of old waste there will be a better chance of long-term colonization of the bowel with ‘good’ bacteria. In the short-term, your practitioner may recommend you to take a probiotic culture to ‘restock’ the bowel flora, and a diet which will encourage these ‘good’ bacteria.


Does colonic irrigation wash out essential vitamins and minerals?

Many people cannot assimilate vitamins and minerals properly through their colons anyway due to toxic waste. In the longer term, the removal of toxic matter should help the patient absorb more efficiently through the colon wall.


Does the bowel get lazy if you have a lot of colonics?

No, on the contrary, the internal ‘massage’ provided by colonic irrigation, the variation in water temperature and the release of impacted matter from the wall of the colon should help tone the muscle of the bowel.


For how long has colonic irrigation been practiced or been known about?

There is reference to colonic irrigation in the Bible which part?, and the Yogis in India were known to use their own method of physically cleansing the bowel. The first known use of colonic irrigation was by the Egyptians around 1500BC.


How long does it take to clean out the bowel completely?

It depends on the condition of the colon. People with minor problems may be ‘cleaned out’ after 6 treatments or less. Someone who is seriously ill, however, may need more.


How much old faecal debris can be stuck in the colon?

3-5lbs (1.3-2.3 kg) of debris is probably and average amount that can be lodged in the colon, although sometimes as much as 25lbs(11kg) can be present (this does not include the ‘transient matter’ present at any time).


If colonic irrigation is a painless treatment, why is the healing process difficult?

It is not always difficult- some people experience immediate improvement. However, particularly when the patient is very ill, the effect of ‘stirring up’ old toxic debris can be to release toxins into the body which result in what are known as ‘healing reactions or crises’. How often these will occur, and how severe they will be, is unpredictable.


Is it possible to overstretch the bowel through colonic irrigation?

It is very unlikely if you are in the hands of a good practitioner. More often the bowel will already be overstretched or distorted because of retention of old faecal matter.


Is it possible to perforate the bowel through colonic irrigation?

No, due to the low pressure used and the very small device introduced into the rectum.


Is the treatment expensive?

What price tag does one put on their health! Health is wealth! 50usd a session.


Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful. You may feel a slight discomfort as if having diarrhea.