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About Paola

paolaPaola Thompson has studied at the London Schools of Colon Hydrotherapy and has trained under her mother Dina Cesano who pioneered Colon Care in Zimbabwe in 1994. Paola has been practising colon hydrotherapy since 2006 with her mother until she started her own A Life practice in March 2011.

Paola is a certified Ethno Health Care Practitioner under the Natural Healers Association in South Africa. She is also registered with the Association of Complementary Health Practitioners in Zimbabwe. She has written health articles for the Herald, Zim travel and has an international following via internet. Paola also has spoken at numerous key events on health issues. She is currently finishing her diploma in Herbalism and Therapeutic Nutrition.

Paola is married to Gary, and has five children. Paola aims at leading a balanced lifestyle and has a wide range of interests from cooking to making jewellery to being a professional artist!



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A-Life Overview


A life is an alternative health clinic that focuses on weight loss, detoxification and colon hydrotherapy. We aim for people to live A LIFE effortlessly.


  • To Bring change through natural alternatives


  • To bring vision to your health


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Founding History

A life has a passion to see people's lives positively change through a healthy lifestyle. It aims to see people live to the fullest, to live an A Life. It is run by Paola Thompson.